All the material used in production of concrete at NYCON Supply Corp. meets the highest standards of quality; cement, pozzolans, sand, stone and admixtures are all New York State Department of Transportation approved.

Our quality control division checks all material daily, running sieve and gradation tests throughout the day to insure that all material used is compliant with NYSDOT specifications and requirements.

NYCON produces concrete at over 12,000 PSI daily, using only the highest quality materials available. We use NYSDOT approved Long Island natural sand, clean and washed bluestone and NYSDOT type I/II cement. We have partnered with leading suppliers who share our commitment of providing us with the same quality material that we provide our customers in our quality finished product.

Utilizing the industries most innovative products, we can meet our customers specialized needs. We offer a variety of admixtures including: plasticizers, retarders, corrosion inhibitors, non-chloride accelerators, fiber reinforcement, waterproofing and many more.


Download Download NYCON's New York State Department of Economic Development Certificate

Download Download NYCON's New York State Certificate